The Power Of Backlink Building

Backlink Strength

Over the years, Google has changed, updated and amended the important backlink influencers that affect their search results.

This happens in an attempt to prevent webmasters from manipulating their SERP’s, however, there has been one constant throughout all this, the power and influence of the backlink.

What Is A Backlink

The internet is driven by backlinks. A backlink is any link from one site, pointing at another.

The theory is that a reputable website will only link to other reputable websites, making each link an important measure of trust.

Links really do power the internet, passing not just direct traffic but also important information regarding content relevance, authority, and influence. Looking for high quality links to boost your rankings?  Before you choose a link building package & begin link building, you should establish your current situation with a comprehensive SEO Audit. Once you know the situation you can strategise where you want to go.

SEO OptimisationImagine that each link is a character reference. Each website owner linking to you needs to be honourable, trustworthy and have some industry authority.

SEO³ Bedford SEO AgencyWould you ask the website owner to be a character reference in court? If the website hosting the link isn’t passing good quality metrics then the link won’t do your Google rankings much good in SERP’s (Googles search engine rank positions).

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Links used to all count either as a ranking boost, or have no value, but since 2014 it’s been possible for links to count against your site too…… making it more important than ever not to build low quality, spam links that will harm your site.