House Building

Houses and House Building in the UK

There are claims and counter claims in the house building industry of how many houses need to be built each year in the UK.

The Barker report states that at least 240,000 should be built every year as a minimum amount to keep the property market and home supply stable, in fact the industry has struggled years after year to construct around half that number.

Whilst the clamour for building new homes goes on, and the Government nominates designated areas for building more new towns, other voices are being heard Continue reading House Building

Building Roads in Britain

Building Roads in Britain

In 1949 the Special Roads Act was passed, giving Governmental go-ahead for the construction & Building of new trunk roads and begin building the first motorways, with the prospect of a 1000 mile system.

This was to be Britain’s second centrally funded system of a nationwide road network, the first having been constructed by the occupying Roman Empire.

It is unlikely the intervening 1,500 years just flew by, because given the state of roads in the country generally, travelling would have been Continue reading Building Roads in Britain

Garden Lighting Ideas

Best Outdoor Lighting

Whether it’s down to the effects of climate change, or maybe we are just embracing outdoor living more, either way, more and more of us are spending more of our time socialising and living in our gardens. As we do so, we have a growing need for garden lighting that lets us enjoy our gardens long after the sun has gone down.

There are many different types of outdoor lights that are suitable for patios, BBQ areas, paths, borders, fence posts, trees, decking areas, ponds and more.

The first decision you need to make is what you want your lighting to do for you? Motion sensor security lights are great to help Continue reading Garden Lighting Ideas

Smart Motorway Technology – Is It Smart Enough?

Prepare to be Outsmarted, by a Motorway

Coming shortly, to a motorway near you, is a smart motorway. Motorway driving can be pretty stressful at the best of times, but the smart motorway, well, time will tell if this exercise is a great solution to congestion problems, or the start of an Orwellian nightmare.

It has been decided by the powers that be, that it is more economical and environmentally favourable to utilise the lane of the motorway already in place, than widen the number of carriageways it carries.

The development of technology has led to computers being capable of managing flows of traffic with little or no Continue reading Smart Motorway Technology – Is It Smart Enough?